Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Building a Wreath Stand (in only ten minutes!)

When my parents came up this past weekend, my mom and I took a trip to Mt. Airy (aka Mayberry).  We only had a couple of hours to spend there, but I cannot wait to take another trip.  The landscape around the town is in the foothills and is gorgeous, it is on a river with a greenway (we didn't get to go to it but I am sure it is wonderful), and the downtown is absolutely charming.  We drank milkshakes at the old fashioned malt shop and spent most of our time looking in the cute shops.  Of course there were a lot of hokey Andy Griffith souvenirs (including a hilarious "Pink Floyd" shirt we got my dad; Google "Pink Floyd Mayberry" to get the idea), but most of the stores had cute gift and country decor items.

The first item that caught my eye that I really really wanted was a wooden wreath stand with a green berry wreath.  I thought it would be perfect for my back deck.  Unfortunately, the wreath was $32 and the stand was $25, so I left with neither.  Now I wish I had gotten the wreath, because I decided yesterday that I could build the wreath stand!  

I had a general idea in my head of what I needed, so I trekked to Lowe's and found a very helpful employee to help me find what I needed.  To build the stand, I would need:
  • A square block of wood for the base
  • A decorative baluster (one of those poles you use to build a staircase railing...I learned the name yesterday!)
  • A finial to go on top
  • A hook to hang the wreath on
  • Black spray paint
Josh at Lowe's took me around to gather everything I would need and cut the board for me.  I would have been in there for over an hour without him (am I the only one who gets overwhelmed in home improvement stores?).

You will notice the hook is missing from this picture; when I got home I realized I had picked up an "over the door" hook.  Oops!

My first step was to find the middle of the base.  I used a tape measure to find the middle and marked it with a pencil.  

My plan was to use wood glue to attack the baluster to the base and then secure it with a screw through the bottom.  The wood glue wouldn't hold it, though, so I drilled holes in the base and the baluster before connecting them with a screw.

Since I did not buy the correct hook, I decided to just use a nail.  Once a wreath is hanging there nobody is going to see the hook, anyway!

Finally, I drilled a hole down through the top of the baluster to screw the finial into the top, then I coated it with black spray paint.

 Voila!  It was really easy!  I grabbed the front door wreath to see how it would look:

I struggled with where to place it.  I really like it beside my back door like in the above pictures, but I tried moving it to the other corner where I can see it from my kitchen window.

So the wreath stand I was inspired by cost about $25.
  • Particle board (I wanted plywood but this was less expensive):  $3.24
  • Outdoor spray paint:  $4.98
  • Finial:  $2.93 for 2
  • Baluster:  $2.98
Total cost:  $14.13.  I have enough particle board, spray paint, and finial for another one, though!

Now I need to either buy or make a wreath to hang on it permanently!  I was in love with the green berry wreath.

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