Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vacation Time!

Hubby gets a week off for vacation in a couple of weeks, and this time we are actually going to take a vacation instead of visiting family or going to a wedding.  Wahoo!

We spent soooooo much time trying to figure out where to go without spending too much money.  I looked at all of the vacation deals with flights on Groupon and Living Social and, while we did find some good looking trips, the ones in our price range either didn't fly out from a nearby airport or were not good for the dates we need.  Boo!

Then we looked into trips here in the States.  Beach, mountains, city, or desert?  I actually really wanted to go to the desert (we have never been to the Southwest), but Hubby didn't seem too keen on the idea.

He also wanted something more relaxing than a city.

I wanted to do something we haven't done before (he was drawn to cruises, but we have been there, done that, and while they are fun, if I was going to sit my tail in a chair I would rather be on a beach than a boat deck).

There is also the added stress of figuring out what to do with the pets.

I really wanted to go to Harry Potter World at Universal (I am a HUGE fan of the books), but had to go with my sister (who is also a huge fan; Hubby is not so much) and she was not available that week.

I spent several days looking at various options, and we ended up booking a place on the beach.  In Destin, FL, a city we have been to and love.

So much for somewhere new.

But I am excited.  It will be relaxing and fun.

And just 7 days before Hubby and I leave, my sister and I booked a weekend trip to Universal.  Yaaaaay!

So I have spent so many hours lately just looking up restaurants and tips for Universal and the Harry Potter sections specifically.  I found this really awesome resource, Orlando Informer, that has pages upon pages of details about Universal!

We are going to nerd out.

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