Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two Months Already?

Good grief...it has been nearly two months since I have written.  I just got so busy with all of the projects we tackled, and then I took on more hours at work, and I just have not been inspired to write anything.  I'm still cooking, cleaning, and organizing.  Of course I still get dressed every day.  But I just haven't felt like anything I have done has been blog-worthy (or I just haven't taken pictures of things that were).

This blogging thing is hard, especially when I'm not trying to make it into a career.  I am not trying to find affiliates, or do giveaways, or even make money on it (I don't want to deal with the taxes involved)!  It is so hard not to compare myself to blogs with professional web designers and photographers.  I feel like the pictures I take and the content I write is not good quality, but it is me.  I don't hide behind a staged home or perfectly plated entrees.  I certainly don't look my best when photographing outfits (my shirt today has spit-up on it from the girl I keep).  But the point is not to promote myself; the point is to share my ideas instead of keeping them to myself.

Sooo...what has been going on the past two months?

We completed many projects, mostly in the yard.  I am struggling to get grass to grow.  We planted good grass, but mostly it's just centipede grass and weeds that are taking over.  Oh well.  When it is at least green, I will take pictures of all of the work.

I took on more hours at work.  It is still part time, but enough to interfere with the schedule I had created.  I am beginning to settle into a new routine, though.

It has been a busy time of year for our Resident Spouse group and I am vice president for this upcoming year, so that has taken up a lot of time.

I started growing a vegetable garden.

Hubby just finished intern year!  Whoop whoop!

And the budget?  Yeah...let's not talk about that.  I have high hopes for July, though.

I am going to try to cut back from three posts per week to just two and see if I can be consistent with that.

If you are still around, thank you!!!

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  1. Welcome back! It's so good to take a break now and then!


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