Friday, May 2, 2014

May Money Plan

For April:

End of Month:   $780.86 over budget.

However, if I take out the money spent on the two trips, I am down to $105.86 over budget.  Since that is what I did for the other trip and taxes, I think I will do that this time, too.
  • Our natural gas bill is still high.
  • We had 2 trips:  a bachelor party and a wedding/visit to family in Georgia ($675 for both trips)
  • We redid many areas of our yard and bought plants/grass seed/topsoil for it ($163.36)
  • Hubby got his expensive guitar repaired ($125)
At least I am encouraged that our budget overage was due to the two trips.  That wasn't the only area over budget, though.  I went over in all categories except gas (outside of the trips) and shopping (I counted the yard materials in miscellaneous).


September:  $1,024.55 over budget
October:  $271.72 over budget
November:  $1,037.86 over budget
December:  Quit keeping up...
January:  $152.18 over budget (not counting the $490 I spent on the Disney trip)
February: $594.64 over budget (not counting $900 from savings for federal taxes and car deductible)
March:  $577.85 over budget
April:  $105.86 over budget (not counting $675 for bachelor party and wedding trip)

May's Plan

Hubby goes on nights next week so hopefully we can reign it in.

I am hopeful for May!!!  Let's see if I can keep it in the green for once in my life?

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