Friday, May 9, 2014

Cinco de Mayo (from scratch!)

I really should start posting these things *before* the holiday...

Anyway, I L.O.V.E. Mexican food!  I love to go to Mexican restaurants and I love to cook it (however unauthentic my cooking may be).

I had soft tacos on my menu plan for the week, so I cooked those up using this recipe for the seasoning.

I also cooked my usual Mexican delicious!

There was a time where I made my own salsa, but have gotten lazy.  Hubby requested it the other day, so I whipped up a batch of it.  I don't measure anything; I just chop and combine the ingredients and keep taste-testing until it is delicious.  This was the first time I threw the ingredients into a food processor to make it less chunky.  The ingredients I use are: canned petite diced tomatoes, part of an onion, cilantro (lots!), jalapeno slices (just a few), lime juice (a dash), salt, and garlic powder.  Maybe one day I will figure out the measurements and blog the recipe!

I also made the margaritas from scratch using this recipe I found on Pinterest.  The recipe makes a gallon, so I used one cup of tequila, converted the other measurements into ounces, and divided by six to make just over two drinks.  They were good; Hubby enjoyed it more than I did.  I thought it was a little too tart and next time I will be limiting or eliminating the lemon juice from the recipe.  As it watered down, I enjoyed it more.

I was very proud of this meal and it was all delicious!

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