Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Garage Series: Sports Equipment

This is the final post in my garage series.  See all of the posts here.

The closet in our future baby room was inundated with Hubby's things when we moved in.  His old computer, guitar equipment, golf clubs, and dumbbells were all through haphazardly on the floor.  It drove me nuts.

When I became a nanny, I dug through my classroom closet to pull out useful craft items and toys, and began our future child's closet (for the record, I am not pregnant; just like to organize and plan ahead!).  Now I have easy access to toys and books when I keep the girl at my house.

So what happened to all of Hubby's stuff?

I used the already-installed peg board to hang tennis rackets, ball gloves, frisbees, and the jump rope.

I really wanted to hang Hubby's golf clubs out here but didn't think he would like that very much.

I bought the shelf at Lowe's and used baskets I had used in my classroom to organize golf balls and tennis balls.  Wraps and support braces are in the middle container beside Hubby's cleats and golf shoes.

The weights used to be neat but Hubby doesn't put them back that way.  At least they have a home now.

I hope some of the ideas I use in my garage inspire you in your own!  Thanks for reading!

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