Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Whew!  I have had a busy week!  We got back home around 7 pm Monday night after being out of town for seven days, so I had a lot of catching up to do as far as laundry went.  Then I decided to begin my spring cleaning.

I read another blog (I'm sorry I can't remember which one) where the blogger talked about not doing traditional top-to-bottom spring cleaning because she cleans things when they get dirty.  I have to say I agree with that.  For example, I clean my air return vents when I replace my air filter.  I cleaned my refrigerator a few weeks ago.  I am not doing those again so soon just for the sake of "spring cleaning."  My big cleaning is actually at the end of the year because I like to begin a new year with everything as spotless as possible.

However, I decided to clean things that rarely get done, so this week I have been working on those around work and seeing Hubby (he is on a rotation that is not as time-intensive right now and I am taking advantage of it).

So if I don't clean my house top-to-bottom, what have I been doing all week?

  • I took bleach, Comet, and a toothbrush to the grout surrounding my bath tub. 
  • I deep cleaned the bathrooms (even though this gets done weekly, I went ahead and did it after cleaning the tub).
  • I took shoes off the closet floor so I could sweep under them.
  • I vacuumed under the bed and swept under furniture.
  • I washed our comforter, all of our curtains, place mats, tablecloths, and rugs.  I also washed the throw pillows from the couch, but stuffed it too full and one of them ripped beyond repair.  Oops...)
  • I vacuumed the upholstery on the couches and chairs (this also gets done periodically from all of the darn pet hair...)
  • I took a Magic Eraser to the wall in the sunroom that still hadn't been cleaned since we moved in (there was crayon from the previous owners on the wall).
  • I swept and mopped.  And again.  And am still finding dirt and pet hair.  It is horrible.  I bought an old-fashioned mop because I don't feel like my Swiffer WetJet gets it clean enough.
  • I cleaned the baseboards as I mopped!
  • I detailed my car (after taking the pets and a trip to a dirt road in the country, it was filthy).
As I was cleaning the floor for the final time, I realized I forgot to clean the ceiling fans.  Those are going to have to get done another time because I am not redoing the areas below them.

This weekend I hope to get the exterior windows washed.  Wish me luck.

Since Hubby is home more, he has been going into the yard and listing several things he wants to do that require both a lot of time and money.  And, of course, will all fall to me if they get done at all because in 2 1/2 weeks he goes on nights and won't be able to complete them.

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