Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Simple Flower Bed

When we moved into our home last June, the yard looked rough.  (Although, who am I kidding, our yard still looks rough!).  Our current project is pulling out the bushes at the end of the driveway, removing all of the darn small landscaping rocks a previous owner decided were awesome, and plant grass and redo the mailbox.

My first yard project, though, was to redo the flower bed directly in front of the house.

Now, I am absolutely not a gardener.  I don't know much about plants or landscaping and try to find plants that are difficult to kill.

This is what the yard looked like when we bought it:

I pulled out both of the rosemary bushes on either side of the garage, planted some smaller bushes in front of the holly hedge, and added some flowers.  This is what it looked like after my first overhaul last June:

(Since then I have also taken out the hideous plant on the far right of the house).

Everything is still there except for, obviously, the annuals in the very front, so that is all I had to replant this year.  The lilies are looking pretty good, and the bushes in front of the holly are a little bigger so they look better now.  The only thing that looks rough are my gardenias on either side of the steps.  Does anybody have any tips for growing healthy gardenias?

This spring I have replanted my flower bed and added a couple of containers to my porch.

I used snapdragons and pansies in the flower bed.  (Yes, I know the right light is taller; it is broken and I can't get it further down.  I should probably replace it...)

I am not sure what these containers are made of.  They were in the back yard flanking the back gate where nobody could see them when we moved in.  I cleaned them up and planted them!  I also used packing peanuts for the bottom half to promote drainage and make them lighter.  I planted geraniums and marigolds in them.

We still have a lot of work to put into our yard.  I am trying to win a backyard makeover from the DIY network it is so bad, haha!  One project at a time, though.  Right now, like I said, our project is the end of the driveway.  Then I'll tackle the side of the house, and finally try to maybe do something to the back yard?  If I could only find someone to remove all of the rocks we'd be in great shape.

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