Monday, April 28, 2014

Projects, Projects, Projects!

Holy moly...I am S.O.R.E!!!!

I mentioned one project (the end of the driveway) that we had begun to work on.  Hubby is on a less time-intensive rotation so last weekend he was all gung-ho about doing all of these outdoor projects.  I wasn't fooled.  I knew I would be the one they fell to.  This past week has been consumed with yard work.  I got out in the yard when I got home from work last week, and have worked all day every day since Friday.

I am almost done!

Now, the lawn itself still looks bad (weeds, bare patches, etc.)

The areas where we ripped out the bushes needs grass planted (we have the seed and fertilizer; we just need to bring in some topsoil to plant it).

Last week's projects:

  • Rip out bushes at the end of the driveway
  • Find something to do with all of the darn brick chips
  • Level out the ground and bury the remaining rocks around the mailbox
  • Repurpose larger rocks to create a small flower bed around mailbox
  • Sand and repaint mailbox post and front porch railings
  • Wash exterior of living room windows
  • Wash garage door and windows
  • Wash vinyl pickett fence in back yard
  • Weed remaining rock beds in the side yard and back yard
  • Repurpose bricks to create a border around back rock bed
  • Plant flowers in back rock bed
  • Plant shrubs in side rock bed
  • Transplant azalea from front yard to back yard
  • Plant containers on back deck
  • Repurpose stepping stones in back yard to create a patio at the bottom of the deck stairs? {edit:  not happning, haha.}
Whew!  I feel like I am still leaving something off the list.  

We have spent a decent amount of money on plants (mostly perennials so I only have to buy them once!), topsoil, and grass seed, but there were a lot of items already in the yard that I was able to repurpose in other areas.

My arms and shoulders are so sore, but it is so worth it.  

I can't wait to share pictures of everything we have done (but will wait until the grass grows, haha).

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