Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May's Dinner Plan

When I meal plan, I come up with 4 meals per week.  Two of those meals include leftovers, and that leaves one night for eating out.  I vary easy meals with more time-consuming ones, but I do not specify a day for each meal; I put the meat out a day ahead with the next day's plan in mind.  It is very flexible.

May's Meal Plan

Hubby goes on nights, so I tried to plan meals that would be easy to get ready by 5:00 pm so we can eat dinner together before he goes in at 6:00 pm (or that would be easy to heat up if he wants "dinner" when he gets home in the morning).  My boss is on maternity leave so , while I still keep her kids a little, they don't need me as much, so I only work two days a week until she goes back at the end of this month (which will help with preparing early dinners!).

May 4-10

3. Chicken strips baked in Dale's sauce, roast potatoes, salad
4. Sausage, potatoes au gratin, green beans
5. Grilled chicken, squash, leftover potatoes au gratin

May 11-17

2. Crock pot pulled pork, fries
3. Hamburger steak with gravy, rice, green beans
4. Stir fry

May 18-24

1. Baked fish (doused in Old Bay seasoning), roast potatoes, roast green beans
2. Spaghetti, salad
3. Oven ranch chicken, garlic herb rice, green beans
4. Taco soup

May 25-31

1. Crock pot chicken and onions, rice, green beans
2. Chicken parmesan, spaghetti, salad
3. Panko parmesan parsley crusted pork chops, cheesy bacon potato rounds, lima beans
4. Ham steak, roast potatoes, leftover lima beans

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