Friday, April 11, 2014

Casual Outfit: Colorful Shirt with White Shorts

Brace yourselves; the weather is getting warmer so you will be seeing my white shorts a LOT!  In the summer I practically live in them.

Last week the temperature rose into the 80s.  I didn't realize it was summer yet?  Once again, I broke the white-before-Memorial-Day rule, and I don't care.  If it feels like summer, I am going to dress like it is summer!

I hit the thrift stores earlier this week looking for more colorful short sleeved tops.  I have a lot of sleeveless shirts, and a lot of blue short sleeved shirts, and I have a lot of solid-color short sleeved shirts, but I was looking for more spring colors (yellow, coral, and colorful patterns).

I'll say this top that I found for $6 is a colorful pattern!  It is such a break from what I normally wear, and I love it!  The other day I wore it with skinny jeans.

The shorts came from the juniors' section at Dillard's for $20 a couple of years ago and were a great buy since I wear them all the time.

My shoes were from a consignment store.  I usually don't buy used shoes, but these had the tags on them and were new in the box.

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  1. Love this shirt! I love white shorts. I used to wear them all the time when I had a pair.


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