Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Garage Series: Yard Equipment

Just like my closet series, I have few words for my garage series.  I feel like pictures are more helpful.

If you want a list of organizing tips that I use for pretty much all of the spaces in my home, here are my Top 3 Organizing Tips!

I made good use of the pegboard to hang rakes, shovels, the edger, our hose (for winter storage), and various garden tools.  You will see on the far left wall I have our extension cords hung.  There is also a rack that holds the smaller tools like the leaf blower and hedge trimmer.

I also have a shelf that holds unused pots, the sprinkler, our work gloves, fertilizer, weed killer, etc.

As usual, I try to only keep the tools and supplies that we actually use!  

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