Monday, March 17, 2014

The Garage Series: Storage

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Ah, storage.  I like to only have things in my house that we use; I do not like having a lot of extra "stuff" to find storage for.  There are several seasonal items (Christmas, anyone?) and old childhood mementos that I keep stored in large bins.  Hubby also has beer brewing equipment that he swore would "pay for itself," yet has only been used once.  Typical.  That and his guitars are just about the only things he has that are "his," though, so I can't argue about it too much.

In a perfect world, All of my bins would either match or be color-coded.  I bought them gradually and as-needed, though, so they vary in size, type, and color.

I also would love to one day have something like these (click the picture to visit the source; the first pin didn't like back to original source so I'm not sure where it is from):


At this time, all of my bins are just stacked on the floor.  They are, however, clearly labelled!

The empty space on the peg board normally holds my spring wreaths.

All of these bins are Christmas :-)

These bins hold Spring/Summer seasonal items, Fall/Halloween seasonal items, Camping Equipment, my old mementos and stuffed animals, and Hubby's brewing equipment.

I did buy this plastic shelf to store some other things on.  The dog's jacket, leash, and harness are in the basket on top.

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