Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Garage Series: Ditch the Toolbox!

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For years, our tools have been stored in a toolbox.  No compartments, no sections; just a box.  It was really aggravating trying to find a particular screwdriver or wrench, but I didn't want to hang the tools on the wall, nor did I want to pay hundreds of dollars for one of those fancy toolboxes with all of the drawers.

This is the system I decided upon:

This is four sets of two drawer plastic containers, and I am kind of in love with this system.  The tools are sorted, labeled (although if I wanted it to be truly awesome, I would have made labels instead of just writing), and easy to find!

It was a little bit of a cost investment at Lowe's (I can't remember how much, but I think each set of two drawers was $8-$10 maybe?), but to me it was worth the investment.

Here is how I separated our tools and supplies starting in the top left corner and going down:

Hammers, Tape Measure, Rulers, Level

Screwdrivers, Allen Wrenches, Drill Bits

Wire Cutters and Razor Blades/Scrapers

Sandpaper {and supplies for the sander}

Painting Supplies

Electrical Equipment


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