Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Money Plan

For February:

February was supposed to be a good money month.  It ended up being a month I would like to forget (money-wise).  We had so many unexpected expenses that we had to dip into our savings.

End of Month:   $594.64 over budget.  Not counting about $900 worth of unusual expenses.

It was so frustrating because a lot of the extra expenses were out of our control.

  • The dog split a nail, so we had a $120 vet bill.
  • We ended up owing taxes...$397.  Plus almost $80 for tax prep software and an extra state.  I didn't include that in the budget since it was an unusual, once a year expense.  I'll be getting about $80 back from the two states combined (to offset the cost of the tax software...)
  • I wrecked my car into a pole and had a $500 deductible to fix it.  I also did not include this expense in the budget since it was an "emergency fund" purchase.
  • We paid $140 for Hubby's tux for a wedding he is in in April.
  • I had to pay the second half of my new phone.
  • It is still winter, so the gas bill was absolutely ridiculous:  $242.  I took steps to lower it this month (closed vents and doors to unused rooms, reprogrammed the thermostat), and it went down by $55
  • I spent $177 to put two new tires on my car.
  • We also spent too much on groceries.
I am so tired of seeing red.  This accountability on this blog is not doing much except embarrassing me!


September:  $1,024.55 over budget
October:  $271.72 over budget
November:  $1,037.86 over budget
December:  Quit keeping up...
January:  $152.18 over budget (not counting the $490 I spent on the Disney trip)
February: $594.64 over budget (not counting $900 from savings for federal taxes and car deductible)

March's Plan

Our expected unusual expenses for March:
  • Bachelorette weekend trip to Nashville
  • Spa Day ($100 but may cancel.  I feel bad because it was supposed to be a thing with our resident spouse group and only two of us are going...)
  • The U.S. National Figure Skating Championships are going to be in North Carolina next January, so I think I may go ahead and buy a ticket for it.  My birthday was March 1, so I'm going to put the money I received toward my ticket, though, so I'm not going to include it in the budget.  
Hopefully that will be all?


  1. Joel has reminded me everyday for a month about how much money I spent on the National Championship tickets. I keep reminding him that if you divide the price by 3 days it's not that much money.

    1. Haha I did actually get enough birthday money to cover it. But seriously, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing!!! Well, maybe not if you live up north, but down here it is. I can't wait for us to go!!!


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