Monday, March 3, 2014

March Meal Plan

Wow...I absolutely didn't intend on taking February off from the blog.  I wrote one post in February.  I just couldn't really get inspired to take pictures or write about anything!

I am back, though, and have a plan for three posts a week for all of March, including a garage organization series.

My first post this month is to share my March Meal Plan; I once again planned the entire month.

When I meal plan, I come up with 4 meals per week.  Two of those meals include leftovers, and that leaves one night for eating out.  I vary easy meals with more time-consuming ones, but I do not specify a day for each meal; I put the meat out a day ahead with the next day's plan in mind.  It is very flexible.

This month my boss (I'm a nanny) is having a second baby, so I will be putting in a lot of extra hours to help her out after her C-section.  With that in mind, I planned a lot of quick and easy meals, especially in the second week of the month.

March Meal Plan

March 2-8

1. Hamburger steak with gravy, rice, green beans
2. Pesto chicken topped with tomato and mozzarella, mashed potatoes, salad
4. Chicken alfredo, garlic roasted green beans

March 9-15

1. Santa Fe Bean Soup (I really tweak this recipe to fit my taste)
2. Homemade pizza (sauce recipe), salad
3. Ritz cracker chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans and squash
4. Chicken casserole, salad

March 16-22 

{I am out of town the weekend of the 22nd, so I have a lot of easy meals for Hubby to heat up}

1. Crock pot chicken thighs and onions, rice, green beans
2. Chicken parmesan, spaghetti, salad
3. Stir fry (make enough for leftovers)
4. Leftover taco soup (frozen leftovers from last week)
5. Frozen pizza

March 23-29

1. Beef pasta (Hamburger Helper from scratch), green beans
2. Oven ranch chicken, hash brown casserole, salad
3. Mozzarella tomato sauce pork chops, creamy garlic pasta, salad
4. Wraps, chips

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