Thursday, March 20, 2014

Crock Pot Chicken and Onions

I have been so excited to share this recipe with y'all!  It is one I adapted from Hubby's grandmother, who is known for her cooking.  Please don't tell her I make it in the crock pot...

Backstory:  This is the recipe Hubby's grandmother has for a hen...Cornish hens.  She also follows the exact same steps in a roaster in the oven overnight.

Yeah...I'm not doing that.  I'm afraid to leave the oven on all night!

I thought I had remembered my mother-in-law doing this in the crock pot, but when I got the recipe from Hubby's grandmother and mentioned the crock pot to her she got all she's ok with it after I have done it, but the suggestion took her aback, haha.

The first time I cooked this, I went to the store to get the hens.  The store I went to only carried two-packs and it was $7...I really didn't want to spend that money!  They did have a pack of chicken thighs on sale for $2, though, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

They were fabulous and I have only used chicken thighs since.  It is very versatile and would probably work with any cut of chicken or a hen!

The best part?  Only 4 ingredients and less than 5 minutes to put together!  The chicken doesn't even have to be thawed if you put it in the crock pot the night before!

It is one of Hubby's favorites, was a huge hit at a crock potluck I attended, and my boss loved it the night I cooked it for her.

All you need is a crock pot, an onion, some form of chicken or hen, garlic salt, and 2 cups of water (if you use the hen I don't think you need the water but haven't tried it).

Peel and slice the onion and layer on the bottom of the crock pot.

Add the water on top of the onions.  Cover the front and back of the chicken with garlic salt and rest on top.

I do all of this the night before and put in the refrigerator.  The next morning I start the crock pot and let it cook all day on low...usually about 8 hours.

 At dinner time, you can dip it straight out of the crock pot (the chicken will fall apart).  I don't like all of the onions in my gravy, so I strain those out and set them aside for Hubby.

This is how it is supposed to be eaten, served over rice with all of the meat and onions mixed together.  I didn't take apart the thighs this time.  This is Hubby's plate.

This is how I eat it; with the rice and gravy in a bowl like soup.  SOOOOOOO delicious.  SOOOOOOO easy.  One of my favorite things to cook.

Enjoy!  And don't tell MawMaw it's in the crock pot!

Chicken Thighs and Onion

One onion
2 c. water
Garlic salt
Chicken Thighs


Slice the onion and spread the slices on the bottom of the crock pot.

Add the 2c. of water.

Sprinkle the garlic salt all over the chicken thighs and lay on top.

Cook on low for 8 hours (I do it all day while I’m at work).

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