Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowed In...Alone

Pretty much the only thing I have been disappointed in our residency city in North Carolina has been the lack of snow.  I knew it wasn't a constantly snowy climate, but I was expecting a little more than we had gotten.  The only time we had any snow a couple of weeks ago was the same time Georgia got it, too (why didn't we just stay in Georgia if I wanted the snow?).

Today/tonight we are forecasted to receive 6-10 inches.  Hooray!  I arranged to leave work at 1pm, just fifteen minutes after the snow began.

However, as all of you doctor's wives (and nurses' significant others and wives of police officers, firefighters, DOT, etc.) know, there are certain professions where the employee HAS to be there.  No, you may not take a vacation day because the roads are iced over.  There are patients who are incredibly ill at the hospital who need people there to care for them.

Hubby sent me a text this morning asking if I could bring him an overnight bag.  I packed it and put it in my car, intent on dropping it off on my way home from work and making it home before the roads got too bad.  But anyway, they did salt the roads so they were going to be ok, right?  I am so naive... *

If you would like, read more about my wreck at the bottom of this post.  That is not the point of this post, but I am still so shaken by it (and it wasn't even a bad wreck, but it was my first) that I wrote a novel about it.

Basically, Hubby is spending the night at the hospital (which is good, because I've been worried about him driving since the forecast on Monday), but it has been a not good afternoon.

I love the snow and really want to play in it, but it is not as fun playing alone.  I threw some snowballs at my dog, which was fun for a minute, but she couldn't throw them back to me.  I tried to use a Georgia sled (aka a cardboard box), but couldn't get it to go down the hill.

Snow days are fun, and pretty, but not so fun when you are alone and Hubby is stuck at work.  And an unfortunate side effect of being a doctor's wife (or any other subset I mentioned before) is that you have to do a lot of things alone, including snow days.  

I know there is a lot to be thankful for.  I was the only vehicle involved in the wreck.  I was not hurt.  Nice people stopped to help.  I was able to drive my car home.  I have a job where I don't have to work when the weather is bad.  Hubby is safe and doesn't have to drive.  We have the snow I have been wanting.  I took advantage of the alone time and took a bubble bath.  

But right now I'm kind of in a bad mood and just want to feel sorry for myself for an evening.  Hopefully after a good night's sleep I will feel better.

*The rest of the wreck story:

Unfortunately, I forgot to pack his phone charger, and knew that if I was going to be able to communicate with him that was an essential part of the overnight (or multiple night) bag.  So when I got off work, I went home first to get it and then went to the hospital.

On the way there, the roads were ok.  It seemed a little slick to me (I am in desperate need of new front tires, which comes into play later in this tale), but it had only been snowing for half an hour so surely it wouldn't accumulate on the road that quickly, right?  Again with the naivete...

At first I was angry with Hubby for blowing me off when I handed him his bag.  Remember the lack of traffic on my way to the hospital?  Oh, how that changed in ten minutes.  I left at 2pm and it was stop-and-go.  Apparently that was the magic time for all of the non-essential employees to leave.  I didn't think I was going to make it past the hospital (lots of spinning bald tires on my part...pretty embarrassing), but I made it out of the hospital traffic and, although very flustered (I may have been freaking out and yelling at my hubby on speakerphone with my phone in the passenger seat...), I thought I was ok.

I turned onto another road with a downhill.  I swear I was going slow, and I promise I didn't slam on the brakes, but when your tires have no traction and there is a layer of snow on the road and you start skidding, there wasn't a whole lot I could do.

I probably would have been ok if there hadn't been a car parked on the side of the road, but that was the target my car was trying to hit.  Thankfully I was able to gain enough control of my car to ram it into the light pole that was five feet behind the car and mine was the only one injured.

I was fine...but had NEVER been in a wreck in my almost thirty years.  I flipped out.  Crying.  Screaming.  By that point my mom had beeped in and I had her on speakerphone so she heard all of the screaming and choice words as my car slid out of control.  I just kept saying, "I don't know what to do..I don't know what to do..."

Thankfully two separate nice men pulled over, calmed me down (enough), helped me pick up the pieces of my bumper, and pushed my car back into the road so I could continue my way home.

It took me two hours to finally feel a little better.