Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NYE Outfit: Sparkly Tank, Beige Blazer, and Nude Pumps

Whew!  This past month has been so incredibly busy.  As much as I love the holidays, I am happy to be back on a normal routine.

In addition to all of the normal Christmas craziness that I love so much, we left the weekend before Christmas and spent a rainy weekend in Asheville.  Then we traveled home to Georgia, which is always a whirlwind of driving and visiting 1500 family members and friends in neighboring towns, so no rest there.  Then we had the drive back to NC, and the same day we got back, I took down all of the Christmas decorations.  I then spent the next couple of days hardcore re-organizing and cleaning my house (I always like to ring in the new year with a spotless home).  Then I worked different hours.  Then we had company all weekend that didn't leave until mid-morning on Monday.  Then I worked some more.

Through all of that, I didn't have very many blog-worthy activities.  I will share a couple of things I re-organized (my garage and a craft shelf).

Thankfully this weekend we have nothing scheduled.  No trips, no guests, no work, just us.  Although yes, we live together, with him as an intern we do not get much quality time and when he is off work, other demands come in.  As much as I love our family and friends, Hubby and I need quality time together, and more than just an hour or so.  I am so excited.

The one thing I managed to get pictures of to share here is my New Year's Eve outfit.  Hubby took these pictures after we went out in the wind for dinner, so my hair is so messed up.

The shirt came from Express last year (on sale).

The blazer is Calvin Klein from Dillard's.  It is one of the most expensive pieces I own and I'm not in love with the way it fits.

The jeans are from a consignment store.ot some 

The nude pumps are Bandolino Courteous from Belk that I got for Christmas last year.

I love the necklace for New Year's.  It reminds me of the ball in Times Square.

I also got some dangly earrings.

I really sat down and made a definitive "Be Better" list that I put on my phone.  It is slightly different than the list I posted here, and I think I broke every one of them last week, especially with all of the company we had.  However, instead of saying all of my resolutions are broken, I am starting over this week.  So far I have been pretty good (in the two days since Monday, lol).

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