Friday, January 31, 2014

February's Money Plan

*When I do my budget, I only allow for Hubby's income since I try to put all of mine into savings. I had been trying to put $200 of Hubby's into savings each month, too, but we just have all of the occasional life things come up (i.e. new phone, gutter cleaning, new tires, etc.) that come up that the $200 needs to go toward that kind of thing, so I rebudgeted again.

For January:

End of Month:   $199.35 over budget.  

We did well on the grocery and eating out budget.  Go us!

I did not include the $490 I spent on the Disney trip since it was supposed to have happened last November.

We also had 2 oil changes, 2 haircuts, gutters got cleaned, and I finally finished my half bathroom decorations.

Hubby's student loan accidentally got paid twice because his automatic payments finally kicked in but I also paid it manually since it didn't automatically get paid last month.  We also had to pay for his ACLS certification to be updated.

Of course the natural gas bill was astronomical being winter, but hopefully that will even itself out over the spring and fall months when we don't use the allotted amount on it.

I also dropped my phone in the toilet (thankfully it was way past due for an upgrade) and paid half of a new one.  The second half will come out in February.


September:  $1,024.55 over budget
October:  $271.72 over budget
November:  $1,037.86 over budget
December:  Quit keeping up...
January:  $152.18 over budget (not counting the $490 I spent on the Disney trip)

So if I hadn't have paid Hubby's loan twice, we would only be about $77 over the new budget...wahoo!.

February's Plan

In February I will have the second half of my phone payment.  I also need new tires on the front (I only replace two at a time because that's how they wear and I don't have to worry about rotating them.  Not sure if it's better, but at least it's not a whole set coming out at once).  The natural gas bill is even higher than it was last month...yikes...

We also need a new set of gas logs for our fireplace, but the more I think about it the more I think about it maybe we'll wait until next season.  Maybe they'll go on sale in a month or so.  I had already purchased a set but they were too big.

March and April are not going to be great because we are both in a wedding which includes a bachelor party, bachelorette party (both big weekend trips), and tux rental.  Thankfully I have already bought my bridesmaid dress.

The thing is, we can afford to go over budget.  I don't budget for as much as we take in (my paycheck, miscellaneous credits like the escrow refund check we got this week, etc.), and when we get those extra surprises I don't add them to the budget or keep things from it "because the escrow check paid for it."

However, even though we have the money, I'm trying to save as much as I can because our savings is pitiful.

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