Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February's Dinner Plan

I got on a roll this weekend and planned out all of my meals for February.  Whoo hoo!

When I meal plan, I come up with 4 meals per week.  Two of those meals include leftovers, and that leaves one night for eating out.  I vary easy meals with more time-consuming ones, but I do not specify a day for each meal; I put the meat out a day ahead with the next day's plan in mind.  It is very flexible.

I also wrote out my grocery list and will probably go on Friday.

February's Meal Plan

February 2-8

1. Cheesy tortellini bake, salad {this will provide leftovers}
2. Roast beef (crock pot), rice, green beans {this will provide leftovers}
3. Honey mustard chicken, roasted squash, roasted potatoes, salad

February 9-15

1. Pizzadillas (a new idea!)
2. Swedish meatballs over rice, lima beans {this will provide leftovers}
3. Chicken thighs and onion (crock pot), rice, green beans {this will provide leftovers}
4. Chicken pasta verde* 

February 16-22

1. Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
2. Bourbon street chicken, rice, stir fry veggies {this will provide leftovers}
3. Spaghetti, salad {this will provide leftovers}
4. Tacos (with homemade seasoning), Mexican rice, black beans

February 23-March 1

1. Chicken tetrazzini, salad {this will provide leftovers}
2. Sausage, roast potatoes, green beans
3. Chili (crock pot) {this will provide leftovers}
4. Chicken parmesan over spaghetti, salad

* This has been our special Valentine's meal for several years.  I can't find the recipe because I got it on a message board probably 10 years ago, but basically it is chicken and pasta in a basil cream sauce.  Maybe I'll post it after V-Day!

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