Sunday, January 12, 2014

Closet Organization Series!

I am excited to announce my first series!

This week I am going to give you all a peek into my closets.

Well, three of them.  The three I really use.  There are two other closets that I am still working on.  One of those is in the future baby room (no, I am not pregnant and we are not trying.  Just planning waaaaaay ahead and need somewhere to put my classroom books/toys that I want to use in my nanny job), and the other is housing my unused classroom materials.  I have plans for that closet but need to get a filing cabinet before I do anything with it.  I want to put Hubby's golf clubs and guitars in it eventually.  You will see it when I am finished.

I digress.

This week I will post about three closets.

Coat/Storage Closet
Linen Closet
Master Closet

I do not use fancy organization systems although I do love the way they look.  I just didn't want to spend the money on a lot of shelves and baskets to make them look pretty.  Maybe one day!

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