Thursday, January 16, 2014

Closet Organization Part 3: Bedroom Closet

Hubby and I share a closet.  We also have a chest of drawers that holds his white t-shirts, our socks, underwear, and pajamas, and my shorts/jeans.  Our closet isn't exactly pretty, but it is functional and I use nearly every inch of the space.

I posted the tutorial for my Easy Jewelry Organizer, and I purchased the radiator grate earring organizer from Etsy because it would have cost me just as much to make one.  This is on the right when you enter the door.

I use pool noodles to hold up my boots.  I also don't have many clutches, so they just get to sit on the top shelf.

Hanging on the back rack are my scarves, skirts, dress pants, and dresses.  We also keep our laundry hamper below my jewelry.

I use two hangers to organize my scarves.

Below my dress clothes are my workout clothes (you can barely see them folded on top of my shoe shelves; pants/capris/shorts on one side, shirts on the other).

I prefer to store my shoes with both heels facing out so I can grab a pair, set on the floor, and put on.  It is more space efficient to store them this way, though (so you can see the left heel and right toe).  I store flats on top, heels on the second shelf, sandals on the third, and other shoes on the bottom.

There is a lot of wasted space at the top, but even with a step-stool, this area is difficult to reach so I don't try to make it more efficient with more shelving.  It only stores our suitcases and a bin of seasonal clothing (swimsuits, gloves, hats).  

Hubby's pants hang up first in the closet.  His shirts are on the top bar; my shirts are on the bottom bar.  His sweaters and shorts are folded on the middle shelf, and his shoes are on the floor.

Our shirts are arranged first by sleeve length (so for me that would be tanks, sleeveless, short-sleeved, 3/4 sleeved, long sleeved, sweaters, and suit jackets).  I know you are not supposed to hang your sweaters but I don't really have anywhere else to put them right now.  Hopefully we will eventually get a bedroom set with some extra drawers.

Here are my shirts, first arranged by sleeve length, then by color.

I also recently splurged and bought all of the same hangers.  It just looks so much better.

Here is the step stool I use to reach the top shelf, and my yoga mat lives here, too, since I do that upstairs.  It is one of the things in my house that is not stored with similar items (the rest are in the garage).

I generally only keep one purse at a time and right now I'm using a black one--that I scored for $3 at a thrift store!--but I really like my red one.  Eventually I want a light brown Coach purse, day!

These hooks were here when we moved in, and hold my nightgowns, robes, belts, and hubby's toiletry bag.

Hubby's belts and ties lack in organization.  I guess they are organized enough (his belts hang over the top of a hanger and his ties also on a hanger.  Maybe one day I will better organize them, but it suits the purpose.

This concludes my closet series (for now!).  Here is the post to see them all.  I hope you found some easy, inexpensive ideas for organizing your closets!

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