Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Closet Organization Part 2: Linen Closet

Our linen closet is in the hallway beside the guest bathroom, so a lot of items that are normally stored in linen closets (cotton balls, wash cloths, extra toiletries, etc.) are under our bathroom sink instead. This closet houses mainly linens and medicine.

The top shelf holds large blankets and quilts (I only have two, haha).  The quilt is so special because my grandmother made it for me for my college graduation, but she had been in really poor health.  I had no idea she was making it, and my parents had me open the box at Christmas.  I just bawled.  I used to display it on a quilt rack in our bedroom, but the stand broke.

The second shelf holds the two extra sets of sheets we have; one set for the air mattress and the other set for the guest bed (just in case we have unexpected guests and don't have time to wash the usual sheets).  I found it was easier to store them vertically.

The second shelf also holds our throw blankets- two of which are in a basket in the living room for the winter.

The third shelf holds first aid supplies and medicine.  We used to store all of our medicines in that basket, but I got tired of having to practically dump the basket just to find sinus medicine, so I decided to splurge on plastic bins to sort them.  The bins really need to be a little smaller, but the store was out of the next smaller size so I settled on these.

The labels are:
  • Cold/Cold/Allergy
  • Eye Drops (Hubby has had a lot of problems with his eyes so there are a lot)
  • Itch Relief (and I have had poison ivy a few times...)
  • Pain Relief
  • Prescriptions/Vitamins
  • Stomach Medication
The basket hold first aid supplies such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, bandages, and gauze.

I just noticed Hubby must have folded the white towel.  Oh well; we all have imperfections, right?  We do have a TON of extra towels, and I should probably get rid of some.  

I keep several extra rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, but any extra go on the floor in the linen closet.  I also keep my space heater and humidifier in there, too.

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