Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Casual Outfit: Disney Outfit!

I was able to go on an amazing girls' trip to Disney World this weekend.  I am absolutely a kid at heart and it definitely came out on the way to and at Disney.  I was excited.  I was giddy.  And I am almost 29 years old...

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and went to Downtown Disney, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot.  It was crazy busy but we were able to see almost everything we wanted to at those parks thanks to my bachelorette friend and her sisters.  They go to Disney a lot and know how to do the parks most efficiently.  We arrived at Magic Kingdom when it opened, rode Space Mountain, selected our Fast Passes, then went on to ride more rides.  We barely had to wait in line at all!

It was a long 16-hour day (8am until midnight), but worth every penny.

The temperature ranged from mid-30s to high 50s.

I wore a white t-shirt, dark pink (almost red) cardigan with a wide belt, jeans, and tennis shoes (a must when walking for 16 hours!)

We all bought different mouse ears to wear around as well.

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