Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year (Part 1)!

I've been away for a week or so.  Why?  I have been traveling, visiting, unpacking, organizing and cleaning!    I am going to write two parts to my New Year's post; one post looking back on 2013, and one looking forward to 2014.

Tonight I am wearing a sparkly shirt, drinking champagne, and watching NYE television specials by myself since Hubby is sleeping (he has to get up at 4:45 a.m., but I am going to wake him up just before midnight so at least I won't be alone for that).

Part 1:  Highlights from 2013

We got a puppy.

She is much bigger than this now, of course.  This was the day Hubby brought her home.

Hubby graduated from med school!

We moved to North Carolina and bought our first home!

I quit teaching, Hubby became an intern, and I became a nanny for a wonderful family!

I began my blog!

2013 was definitely an eventful year!  So many more smaller things happened, like a great group vacation and discovering vineyards.

And who can forget the Harlem Shake or The Fox (one of my favorite viral videos ever!)

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