Monday, December 2, 2013

December's Money Plan

For November:

I'm pretty embarrassed about this one.

End of Month:   $1,037.86 over budget.  

So I bought a lot of new Christmas decorations.  And attended two weddings.  And had to buy replacement logs for the fireplace (the labor cost will come in December; they haven't arrived yet).  And I bought a bridesmaid dress to get it out of the way.  And started buying Christmas gifts.  And cooked the entire Thanksgiving meal.  And we had to renew Hubby's question bank for the big test he takes in December.  And lots of other little things.


September:  $1,024.55 over budget
October:  $271.72 over budget
November:  $1,037.86 over budget

December's Plan

I once again tweaked my refrigerator Accountability Chart.  It only has eating out, working out (ha!), alcohol consumption, and extra expenses (anyone say Christmas?), plus a place at the bottom for me to write my meal plan to reduce the amount of paper on my refrigerator.

I have been so busy and out of town and haven't had time to sit out and make a realistic holiday budget.  I don't really have hope that this month will be any better.  I have a couple of other things I want to repair before the new year and figure hey, it'll be a great New Year's resolution to stick to budget, right?  

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  1. Agreed- it will be a great New Year's resolution! Is always so, so hard to keep to a budget leading up to many social commitments and so many gifts to buy!


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