Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Decoration Reveal

It took a few days, but my house is finally all decorated for Christmas!  Christmas exploded in here!

Naturally I have a Pandora Christmas station (Smooth Jazz today just to be different) playing on my TV and a glass of eggnog to drink.  The only thing missing is the fire in the fireplace, but I am waiting on new gas logs to arrive and be installed.

The Tour:


Living Room:

This is my absolutely favorite.  I am SO proud of how it turned out; I just wish I could photograph it better.

I made the garland.  You can find a tutorial here.
The vases on the ends are filled with small gold balls from Dollar Tree.
The small vases just have a leftover pick from the garland.

I love using poinsettias on my tree!

The little figurines in front of the TV spell "Christmas."  It was one of the first decorations I bought and it is still one of my favorites.

I didn't photograph a wreath I have hanging above the other couch.  I didn't make it.

Dining Room:

The wick in the left candle wouldn't light, and it had gotten so late that I didn't feel like rustling up another candle for it. 


I don't have as many decorations in the kitchen this year as I did last year.  Although I have a larger kitchen, it is not as conducive to decorating for Christmas as my other rooms.  

I also made the ornament wreaths using this tutorial I found on Pinterest.
I also made the card display using another Pinterest idea to cover foam rectangles with fabric.  They look terrible on the back and don't hang quite right, but they look decent and do the job.

I also laid a garland above the cabinet.  I could have displayed some of my holiday platters, but then I would have to deal with getting them down for my party.


I also made the "Joy" sign using an idea I found on Pinterest.

Powder Room:

There are a few more things I want, especially for outside, but I am happy for this year (I think).  I already bought way too many new things!  Maybe I can find some of the things I want on clearance like I did those fall and Halloween decorations.


  1. Hi!

    It looks so lovely and festive! Especially the living room and outside of your house. Love the wreaths on all of the windows!

    1. Thank you! I was very excited with the final product. There are still a few things I want, but am going to keep those as projects for next year!


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