Friday, December 6, 2013

Chocolate Crescent Roll-Ups

A couple of weeks ago I made some ham and cheese roll-ups for dinner, but I didn't want to use all eight crescent rolls on them because they don't reheat well and Hubby and I certainly wouldn't eat eight of them!  I was trying to figure out what I had and what I could use the remaining rolls for, and I remembered the dark chocolate morsels I had in the pantry.

Chocolate Crescent Roll-Ups


Rub on the butter!

Rub on the brown sugar!

Pile the chocolate morsels on the wide end.

Roll them up, trim the sides, and place on a baking sheet.

Follow package directions for baking temperature and time.

Top with whipped cream and/or chocolate syrup and ENJOY!

Chocolate Crescent Roll Ups

  • Package of refrigerated crescent rolls
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Chocolate Morsels (I prefer dark chocolate, but it is your preference).

Unroll and separate the crescent rolls.

Rub butter on the top, followed by brown sugar.

Pour some chocolate morsels on the wide side and roll them up in the dough.  I trimmed the excess dough from the sides.

Follow the package for cooking temperature and time.

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