Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Plan

I will probably wait to post my recipes next year when I have pictures to go with it (I am not making the homemade rolls and dressing until Turkey Day!!!).  BUT...I do have my Holiday Plan typed up and nearly finished.  Today I am going to share my Thanksgiving section with you.

  • my menu and corresponding grocery list
  • tablescape ideas
  • a timeline for cooking all of that food

I may be crazy to cook so much for just three people, but it is fun to me and I can freeze leftovers.

My favorite part of this is the timeline to keep my sanity while cooking.  Last year I kept forgetting to baste the turkey and it was a little drier than the previous year, so I wrote in a reminder every thirty minutes.

This plan is for a 10-pound turkey to be ready at 7pm (Hubby has to work during the day because I prefer a 1pm dinner time).

Since most people are cooking a larger turkey and eating earlier, I also created a plan for a twenty pound turkey to be eaten at 1:00 pm.

You can download my word document to edit yourself here.  It is not uploading correctly in Google Drive, but hopefully once you download it the pages will line up correctly again (it is supposed to only be a 3-page document).

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