Monday, November 4, 2013

Post-Halloween Recap

I am such a last-minute Halloween person.  I loathe scary things, and always get more excited for fall than I do for Halloween.

Of course, all that changes when it is October 31.  Then I want to get dressed up and decorate.  I was a little more prepared this year; I bought candy a month ago for trick-or-treaters (who bring me so much joy!), and I bought a couple of cute Halloween decorations.


You see the computer speaker beside the door?  That was one of my last-minute but now favorite ideas.  I hooked it up to the Kindle Fire just inside the door set to a Halloween Pandora station.

I also thought the frowning pumpkin looked ridiculous, so as the first round of kids came down the street I hurriedly rearranged my small pumpkins to say "BOO."


I had the idea for our costumes last year, but we did not dress up.  I also didn't think we would dress up this year because I was supposed to be out of town on the day the Halloween parties we were invited to were scheduled.  Plans changed, though, so I scoured thrift stores to put together our costumes.

We were Robert Plant and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin is one of Hubby's absolute favorite bands, and it turned out to be hilarious (especially Hubby's costume.  I nearly fell on the floor laughing when he first put the wig on.)

The tan undershirts are supposed to represent bare chests.  

I searched and searched for a microphone but couldn't find a thrift store one, so my other last-minute genius idea this year was to wrap aluminum foil around the top of a flashlight.  Voila!  Instant microphone prop.

Hubby had his guitar in the car but he didn't take it into either party.  I should have cut him a cardboard guitar.

How were your Halloweens?

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