Friday, November 1, 2013

November's Money Plan

For October:

End of Month:  $271.72 over budget.  

Much better, but still not great.  Of course, $125 of that was to renew Hubby's residency license (already?).

There was a lot of red, though.  I went over in nearly ever category, just not as much as last month.

Of course, shopping was the worst.  $83.12 over home and $62.90 over clothes (the budget is $50 each).  I did include Halloween costumes in clothes, but still...

I also spent a lot on gifts because coming up I have two weddings, a baby shower, three birthdays, and Christmas.  I am hoping that budget will even itself out over the year, though (since some months are gift-heavy and other months don't have gifts at all).

I also went almost $40 over my already high grocery budget, and the Travel/Extra budget went over as well (that is where Hubby's license came in).

Progress is progress, though, right?  It's not going to stay within budget these next two months probably.  I should actually eliminate the shopping budget and put it towards gifts (but I want some new Christmas decorations, especially now that I have a mantel and banister to decorate!).


September:  $1,024.55 over budget
October:  $271.72 over budget

November's Plan

I decided that I not only wanted to keep track of spending, but I also wanted to keep track of working out, drinking, etc.  I created a fancy Excel spreadsheet/chart to put on the refrigerator.

I tweaked the budget and moved some money around from shopping and extra expenses to add to gifts.  I also have an Excel spreadsheet that I have been tracking our spending for a few years now.

Maybe November can be in the black!

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