Monday, November 18, 2013

Easy Jewelry Organizer

Up until recently, I had special pieces of jewelry that I wore every day.  One piece is a necklace that Hubby gave me on our first Christmas together, and I also had my wedding ring, my watch, and a small assortment of earrings.  I did not wear bracelets because my wrists are so tiny that I didn't think I could find any to fit decently.

I finally decided to branch out and wear a wider variety of jewelry (I think I was inspired by Pinterest).  I had my necklaces hanging on nails in the closet, and my bracelets and earrings were in an "organizer" in my bathroom drawer with my makeup and other products.  It looked terrible.  I took to Etsy to look for an earring organizer, and got inspired by some jewelry organizers that I saw.  I wanted to make one where you hang necklaces on cabinet pulls (they would have been much prettier), but have too many necklaces to make it really be functional.

I didn't have a clear plan in my head when I headed to Lowe's; I just wondered through the aisles looking at different options and formulated my design in the store.

You will need:
  • 16-inch piece of 4x1 board
  • 15-inch wooden dowel
  • 16 small hooks to hang below
  • 2 slightly larger hooks to hold the dowel
  • a drill

The guys at Lowe's cut the pieces to size for me; I should probably try to find my own table saw.

I turned the board on its side so I could see the bottom.  I began at 1/2 inch to drill my first hole, and spaced them one inch apart.  The holes are to screw the necklace hooks into.

I did not want to spray paint the hooks, so my next step was to spray paint all sides of my pieces.

After the paint was dry, I screwed in the necklace hooks, making sure the hooks all faced forward.

I measured 1 1/2 inches from each side to drill a hole and screw in the hooks to support the dowel.

The necklace hooks came in sets of three, so I need to go buy one more to complete the organizer.

Changes I would make:

I would sand the board better and put a pretty design on it (I really want a Silhouette Cameo...)
I may look for some small decorative end pieces (maybe a small cabinet pull or wooden finial)

Here it is with my bracelets and necklaces!

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