Friday, November 8, 2013

Dressy Casual Outfit: White Button-Up, Blazer, Nice Jeans, and Pearls

First, a celebration:

I got a steady job!!!

I had been getting frustrated that I wasn't getting called regularly to sub.  I loved the preschool I had been working at, but just wasn't getting steady enough work.  I thought about it and decided to try being a part-time nanny.

Last Friday, I opened a account, created a profile, and found a job for a 15-month girl.  I applied to the job and her mother e-mailed me back almost immediately and we set up an interview for that afternoon.  She said she had a few other people she had promised to talk to and would get back with me.

She called me on Monday morning to let me know they would love to have me care for their daughter and that I really stood out above the other candidates.

It was so much faster and easier for me to find a job than I thought it would be, and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.  When I try to think about my skills and things I like, most of what comes to mind is a stay-at-home mom:  taking care of kids, cooking, cleaning, managing the household, decorating, etc.  This job will encompass all of that!

I am so excited and will begin work November 13.  

I was freaking out after we scheduled the the interview.  I needed to rewrite my resume to fit a nanny position and figure out some questions to ask.  And of course, I needed to figure out what to wear.  I certainly wasn't going to wear a suit to a nanny interview, but I wanted to look professional.  I Googled it and a lot of suggestions were to wear nice trousers, but several people wear jeans, too.  I do not like the way my dress pants fit me, so I decided to go for a dressy pair of jeans.

I wore a white button-up shirt with a blazer, dressy jeans, boots, and pearl jewelry.  I am sorry for the picture quality; I was nervous and in a hurry.

After talking awhile at the interview, the mom told me I could wear sweatpants if I wanted to, but she appreciated me "dressing up" for her.  I didn't think I was particularly dressed up (and I won't be wearing sweatpants, haha).

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