Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Garland

Continuing my saga of finally having a fireplace to decorate, I started thinking about Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago.  I found a few mantel tableaus that I like on Pinterest, and set out to Hobby Lobby to come up with my own.

Pre-decorated garlands are expensive!  I decided to make my own.

Whenever I am buying materials for a floral project, I always put my project together my project in the store.  I picked up a generic pre-lit garland and carried it over to the Christmas picks.  My Christmas color scheme is red and gold, so those are the picks that I chose.

I start off buy choosing some picks that I think are pretty experiment with different locations in the garland.  I try to even out red and gold, large and small.

Here is half of the finished test.  I just chose two of each pick I used so I could make the garland mirror-imaged on the other side.

I went to pick out some ribbon to make my first big bow.  Normally I buy them, but wanted to at least attempt one on my own.

Here are the supplies I ended up with:

  • Ribbon to make a bow
  • Christmas picks
  • Garland
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
(Notice the London Catching Fire premiere streaming on my computer?)

First I made the bow using a tutorial I found online:

Unfortunately I did it on the couch, and glitter got everywhere...

I folded the garland in half to find the center and attached the bow.  I also ultimately decided the pinecones/berries already on the garland wouldn't work, so I cut them off and saved them just in case I wanted them for another project.

Then I sorted the picks.  Oliver likes to help with crafts.  Some I really liked, so I bought enough to use twice on each side.

Then I sorted them into each side, practiced putting them on one more time, and laid them out in order above the garland.  I also decided to use extra ribbon to run along the length of the garland.

I ended up using nine picks on each side, which worked out perfectly with the ribbon.  I was able to change the ribbon's position (above or below the picks) after every third pick.

Here is the finished right half:

Here I am working on the mirror image on the left side:

And here is the finished product and associated mess!  The final cost was $58, but to buy a garland so decorated it would be over $100.

Glitter Tip:
Every time I touched the garland, glitter seemed to rain from it.  I went to the store and bought a spray adhesive (like glue in a spray paint can- I found it in the craft section of Wal-Mart).  I protected the ground with an old sheet and sprayed the garland.  I think it helped with the glitter rain.

It is so pretty when it is plugged in, and I cannot wait to decorate and get it on my mantel!

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