Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rush, Rush, Rush...The Benefit of a Morning Routine

When we lived in Georgia, my job was a 45 minute drive away, and I got there at 7 a.m.  I obviously didn't like getting up any earlier than I absolutely had to, so I streamlined my morning routine.  I was thankful for that on Wednesday morning when my old phone decided to turn itself off in the night- an unfortunate incident because it is also my alarm clock!

I had a sub job at a preschool that morning and needed to get there are 8:45.  Hubby came home from a night shift around 6:30 a.m. and terrified me by saying it was 8:00.  I went back to sleep and when I woke up to check my phone, it was off and Hubby's clock said 8:22.  I know this happens to people, so you know how jolting it is!  I leaped out of bed and walked out the door 9 minutes later.

Of course, this is how I looked doing it:

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Here is my morning routine (that went into hyperdrive Wednesday morning and was helped by Hubby, who got out of bed to get some food ready for me to eat in the car).

The Night Before:

*This is the most important part to getting ready quickly, in my opinion.

When I know I have a job the following morning, I always set out my outfit for the following day, down to the jewelry and shoes.  It saves time staring at the closet trying to figure out what to wear!

I also normally shower at night, although since I hadn't been working it would happen any time during the day (Morning?  Sure.  Afternoon?  Why not.  Night? Ok!).  The caveat to this is my hair looks better when I can blow it dry in the morning, but when I have a regular earlier job, I would rather have 30 minutes of more sleep.

In the kitchen, I would pack my lunch for the following day and leave it in the refrigerator, and I also set up the coffee maker so all I had to do is turn it on.

I have also begun writing my blog posts in advance and setting a time for them to publish, especially now that my schedule can be unpredictable with subbing.

In The Morning:

1. Get up and plug in my straightener.
2. Feed the cat.
3. Now I have to let the dog outside and feed her.
4. If Hubby is already gone, I make the bed.  If not, he makes it.
5. Get dressed and fold/put away my pajamas.
6. Put in contacts, brush teeth, and use deodorant.
7. Work on my face (wash with an Olay cleansing wipe, put on moisturizer, and do basic makeup).
8. Run the straightener over my already straight hair (to smooth creases and attempt to make the ends flip under).
9. Add accessories.
10. Start the coffee pot and rustle up some breakfast.

I am a creature of habit.  One time I was in the shower and didn't do everything in my usual order and ended up washing my hair twice.

Also recently, since I haven't had to get to work as early, I will get up a little earlier and take my time.  I will save my shower for the morning or watch The Today Show.  

This morning was harried, but thanks to being prepared, I was able to complete most of my usual routine in 9 minutes.  Thankfully Hubby was home and was kind enough to go downstairs and get some food together for me to grab as I ran out the door.  He also put my pajamas away for me since I left them in the bedroom floor.

I am just sooooo thankful that I woke up on my own in time!

I walked into the classroom at the preschool at 8:48.

Now, this does not allow for children and will obviously change once we do have kids, but I feel like a lot of the preparedness is the same.  Make lunches, pack bookbags, and select outfits the night before.  Those are really all of tips I have as far as that goes.  Give me a few years to have children and establish their routines and I'll post again.

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