Thursday, October 24, 2013

Freezer Meals

I have two weddings and a bachelorette party coming up in the next month or so, and of course Hubby can't come to any of it due to his schedule. There are two weekends back-to-back where I have a bachelorette party in Florida and a wedding in Georgia. I refuse to drive to Florida, back to North Carolina, then to Georgia, and back to North Carolina, so I am going to spend the week in between in Georgia.

Hubby is on a very time-consuming rotation right now.  He goes in around 5:45am and usually gets home around 7pm (weekends included).  I feel bad for leaving him for so long, not to mention that I am really going to miss him (although honestly, I would only see him for a few hours if I was home).  I know that I would not want to cook after working those long hours, but shudder to think about all of the money he could spend eating out every day, so when I planned my most recent round of meals, I included meals that I could easily freeze for him to easily reheat or cook while I am away.

Yesterday afternoon I rolled up my sleeves, turned on some music, and got to work in the kitchen.  It was fun, but it made a big mess as much as I tried to keep it clean as I went.

Here is the final product:

And here are all of the meals:

The large container holds the leftover chili from the other day.  I will also cook pot roast the day before I leave so he can have those leftovers, as well.

The small container holds some of the ingredients that I use to make Mexican rice.  All Hubby has to do is cook the rice in chicken broth and the contents of this container.

I had never made freezer meals before.  I have frozen chili, spaghetti sauce, and taco soup, but not really anything else.  I hope they turn out for him, haha!  Everything is already cooked except the fajitas, so all he has to do is defrost and reheat everything.

Let me know if you want the recipes and I will post them.  I found them in a variety of places.

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