Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome Fall Front Porch

Continuing my (short) series on fall decorating, I tackled my front porch yesterday.  I knew I wanted mums and pumpkins, and I spent some time trying to envision what I wanted before I went to buy them.  My original plan was to buy four mums and two pumpkins.  You can see I ended up with more than that!

I went to a local nursery to purchase the mums.  I had driven by it several times and they had an enormous selection of different sized plants.  I deliberately chose plants that were just beginning to bloom so I can enjoy them for the entire season.  If I had selected plants that were in full flower, I was afraid the blooms would be gone before Halloween.  I want these to last as long as possible!

The beauty in buying local is the plants appear to be much healthier than they looked at Wal-Mart for a lower price!  It is always good to support local businesses, anyway.

I decided to just get my pumpkins from Wal-Mart.  I wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, but I was afraid of spending too much money.  I was going to get symmetrical pumpkins, but decided to purchase a variety of sizes to add interest.  I spent a long time looking at and comparing the pumpkins, and trying to visualize what my porch would look like.

While browsing the seasonal section at Wal-Mart, I found this cute little scarecrow for only $0.97!

I also already had the "Welcome" pumpkin that I had planned on putting in a different location beside my UGA garden flag, but thought it helped to complete the porch scene.

The five mini-pumpkins/squashes are fake.  I wanted some things I could use year after year.  We will see how they hold up outside.

I also made the wreath last week.  I will show you how later on this week!

I wanted just a classic, simple fall look.

Now if I can just keep the mums alive...

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  1. You fall porch is lovely!! Very warm & inviting! And I LOVE the molding around your front door!!


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