Monday, September 30, 2013

First Residency Vacation!

Medical residencies are tough.  For the physician, they are physically demanding due to lack of sleep, and they are also emotionally draining due to all of the new learning and lack of confidence.  For the significant other, they are demanding because we (or at least I) have to take care of everything at home (including the yard!), try to support and encourage the physician, and spend a lot of time alone.

We have made it to our first vacation, though!  Hubby's first three blocks are D-O-N-E and he has one glorious week off.

Before residency began, I was dreading it.  I was excited about the new chapter in our lives, buying a home, and discovering a new city, but I had done my research about the realities of residency.  I read blogs written by doctors' wives.  I read online articles. I found support groups.  There are even books written about how to survive residency as a spouse.  I was under no delusions that residency was going to be easy.

What I Have Learned So Far:

So far, it hasn't been as horrendous as I was expecting.  Now, Hubby isn't in one of the worst time-consuming specialties like surgery or OB-Gyn, but there are rotations that are bad.  The worst ones are his last two rotations this year, though, so we'll see what I'm saying in June.

I also think that my lack of a job has helped, because when he has a random Monday off, I can be home.  I can be home with him during this vacation week.  I think that has made a big difference, and this is one of the main reasons I want to be a substitute.  I want schedule flexibility, and I know how very fortunate I am to have this option.

I have also found a lot to do to keep myself busy while Hubby is gone:
  • I have been looking for a job (filling out applications is time-consuming!)
  • I watch The Today Show every day that I don't have a sub job.  
  • Callaway (the puppy) and I go for runs/walks.
  • I have begun volunteering at the hospital.
  • I have gotten very involved in the resident spouse group.
  • I do everything around the house (cleaning, yard work, cooking, finances).
  • I began this blog.
  • I have explored and learned about our new city (lots of time looking at maps and driving around).
  • I have done a lot of shopping (which, however, I need to majorly cut back on).
  • I have bought several new books at thrift shops, and have also gotten a library card.
  • I have "me" time, especially when Hubby works at night (bubble baths and girly movies).
In fact, I have to remind myself not to become too good at being alone.  I have to remind myself not to work on the blog when Hubby is home, but to stop my own activities to spend time with him (at least, when he is not still writing patient notes or studying for Step 3...).

In the meantime, I intend on savoring this week with Hubby while he is not working.

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