Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Refrigerator Organization

We were fortunate enough that the family we bought our house from left all of the appliances, including the refrigerator.

In my rules for organizing post, I discussed my rules, "Have a place for everything," and "Group similar items together."  In my refrigerator, I designated a "job" for each pocket and shelf, and put items back in the exact spot I got them from.

Any ideas for what I can use the tiny bottom drawer for?  Right now I have a package of crescent rolls in it, but I have no clue what to use it for.

The freezer was harder.  It is one of the bottom drawer freezers, and I kind of hate it (but I can't really complain because, again, it came with the house).  I developed a system for organizing the freezer, but I would love some other ideas for organizing a freezer drawer!

The top portion of the drawer is where I keep my frozen vegetables, frozen desserts, frozen breakfast, convenience foods, and frosty beer mugs.

The bottom portion of the drawer is for the meat.  The right side is where I put my portioned chicken and pork chops (each bag holds the meat for one meal for Hubby and myself), and the left side contains the meat that didn't need to be portioned.  The one random tupperware holds frozen spaghetti sauce because my recipe makes more than Hubby and I want to eat.

That's it!  Any suggestions for improvement?

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