Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dining Room Organization

 I really wish I had taken pictures of our rental house in Georgia before we packed everything up and moved, because out of all of the rooms, I think my dining room is the most drastic.

One of my "must haves" in our new home was a formal dining room area.  We had an area in our old one, but we didn't have a good table.  This is the best picture I have of our old dining room with a buffet set for a Christmas party.

Here it is currently in our breakfast nook in our new home.

You can see how tiny it is!  We have squeezed 8 people around this table, though, and had some really great times around it.  When I hosted Christmas dinner last year, I got out my 6-foot card table, but it was still too thin to feel like a real table.

When we moved I wanted a lot of new furniture (although our living room is probably the best compilation of hand-me-down furniture), but my #1 want was a real dining room table!  I found "the one" that I absolutely fell in love with a few years ago, but it was too expensive for us right now :-(

My mom, mother-in-law, and I went to so many stores looking for a dining room set.  I finally found one that I could be happy with at Badcock.

We also planned to paint our dining room when we moved in.  In the pictures it looked gray, but in reality it had a green tint.  I wanted to paint it a neutral gray or beige so I could have more versatility with decorating, but when we were looking at paint colors, Hubby suggested red.  It's not as versatile, but I thought it was a great idea.

Here is our dining room!

 The last box I unpacked was the box with my stemware because I didn't have the cabinet space for it!  I decided a buffet server would be a perfect place to store my barware and table linens!  Plus, I like the way they look and wanted one anyway.  I did not like the buffet that came with it, so then I had another mission:  to find a coordinating buffet. I searched and searched, until finally I remembered Kirkland's (one of my favorite stores, but there actually isn't one where we live now).  I looked online and found one that I loved, so I drove to the nearest town with one and picked up the last one!

My decorating tip:  I like to find pieces that coordinate, but not matchy-matchy.

My organizing tip:  Have a specific place for everything!

Finally, I needed to find some curtains and napkins.  I eventually found my napkins at Homegoods, and the curtains at Sears.  It's not what I had in mind, but the ones I wanted cost more than I wanted to pay.  I really like what I ended up with, though.

If you notice in the first picture, the swag curtain is hanging down in the middle.  I could not figure out how to get it to hang right!  One day recently I had an "aha!" moment where I thought to put a binder clip to weigh it down in the middle on the back and drape it over the panel rod.

Ta da!

I love, love, love my new dining room, and I am so happy that I can finally have proper dinner parties without everyone squeezing around.  I have fond memories of those days, but I am happy to have a real table!

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