Friday, September 27, 2013

Decorating the Kitchen

Several years ago I sat down to think about how I wanted to decorate my kitchen.  I knew I wanted some great canisters; not the kind that clamp down, but the kind with a sealed lid.  When you see what I ended up with you will know what I'm talking about.  I searched and searched online, and decided that when I finally found some canisters I liked, I was going to base my kitchen decor around them.

These are the ones I found, and 5 (maybe?) years later I still love them.  I tried searching for them, and found some that are very similar, but not exact.  If you search "Tuscan English Garden Canisters" you will find some that are similar.

They were a splurge; I only spend that much on an item if it is something that I have been searching in vain for and finally found something that I really love.  These canisters fit that description.  There are four of them, but I only use three right now.

That meant my color scheme for my kitchen was going to have to be the Tuscan yellow and red.

I also found a bronze wine rack and utensil holder that I loved, also, at Target to add to my wedding registry, so I was able to add bronze metal accents to the decor scheme.

Sink Side

Where did I find these items?
  • The plate stand and plates on the island came from Hubby's grandmother.
  • The red plate came with the set from Hubby's grandmother.
  • The glass bottles on top of the cabinets came from Ross.
  • The white bean pot on the far cabinet was a wedding gift.
  • I ordered the canisters online.
  • The paper towel holder came from Target and was also a wedding gift.
  • The candle is one of my favorite Yankee Candles:  kitchen spice.
  • I keep an iPod player on top of the toaster oven (there is a metal trivet in between) because I love listening/dancing to music while I cook!
  • Even the kitchen soap I use (Softsoap Kitchen Fresh Hands) matches my color scheme.
  • I think the pictures on the wall came from Wal-Mart several years ago when I was trying to do a red-yellow-green scheme in the living room.

I was fortunate enough to find this valance at Wal-Mart that matches perfectly.  I also loved  the quote I bought at a flea market.  It say, "Live well, Laugh often, Wine much."  And it coordinated. :-)

Stove Side

Where did I find these items?
  • The picture frame/cork board on the refrigerator came from Michael's and I painted it to match.
  • The bronze utensil holder and wine rack are matching and came from Target as wedding gifts.
    • I don't use the built-in wine rack because it is hard to reach and love the one I had already.
  • The pitcher and wire basket on top of the cabinets both came from a flea market.
  • The platter was a wedding gift from Target.

Kitchen Decorating Tips

When I decorate a room, I choose a piece I love (or am stuck with, i.e. furniture) to base my color scheme/theme around.  In the case of the kitchen, it was my canisters.

The kitchen needs to be functional, so I keep things out like my knives, main utensils, salt/pepper, and olive oil.  The space is decorated, but not overly so.

As far as the over-the-cabinet space goes, I try to find a variety of heights and types of items to use.  I have plates and platters, baskets and pitchers, and bottles to add variety.  A lot of people put quotes, words, and plates up there, too.  I found a pin that led to this website useful for inspiration and tips!

My kitchen does need some work (we just moved in three months ago).  The main thing I want to do is add a tile backsplash (and definitely replace the one behind the stove!).  Ideally I would also love to add granite countertops and do something about the cosmetic damage to the cabinets, but I'm not sure those things will happen on our budget.

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